Rules to Live By
By Claire Miles - November 20, 2022

Mixed martial arts, sometimes known as MMA, is a physical fighting sport that is gaining a lot of worldwide popularity. In mixed martial arts (MMA), two competitors face off in a ring with an octagonal form that is surrounded by a fence. The sport mixes various martial arts, including judo, boxing, jiu-jitsu, karate, and wrestling. MMA fighters employ different fighting strategies to hinder and subdue an opponent.

MMA aims to defeat the opponent using striking, grappling, and wrestling tactics. Matches typically consist of three rounds with a maximum duration of five minutes. There are five rounds in some major battles. Fighting will occur in a ring cage, and each fighter will compete in a specific weight class, with their opponents required to be in the same weight class. Once the combat has begun, fighters may choose several authorized techniques to beat their foe. Fights can be won via knockout, technical knockout, decision, submission, or forfeit.

Getty images/UFC/Chris Unger/Contributor

Due to its brutal nature and risk for harm, MMA is typically considered a sport for adults only. Only gloves and mouth protection are required for this activity. When punching or grappling, the gloves shield the hands and fingers, while the mouth guard shields the mouth from blows or falls. These days, many young people are eager to practice for and participate in competitions with new rules. The fighters weighed before each encounter are divided into various weight classes, such as heavyweight (205–265 pounds), lightweight (145–155 pounds), etc.

An MMA battle can be won in a variety of ways. A player knocks out another when they strike them, causing them to lose consciousness. The fight may also end in a “decision,” which occurs after all rounds have been fought, and the judge must select the victor using a point system. When a fighter is forced into a hold or choked, the fighter “taps out” or submits. A TKO is when the referee calls time on the match. Typically, this occurs when a fighter suffers a heavy loss, and their health is in danger.