Ronaldo wins the FIFA best player award as Messi walks out
By admin - 2017-01-10 06:55:38

For the fourth time in his career, Christiano Ronaldo won the FIFA best player award.

The Portuguese international was coming off one of his most productive years in his career. He managed to win both the European Cup and the champion’s league. He got 34 percent of the vote with Messi getting 23 with third placed Griezman getting 7 percent.

Christiano stood up and accepted his award just a few hours before Messi was recalled by Barcelona for training for a game on Wednesday.

Ronaldo was not amused with Messi’s antics and insisted that they should all respect the award like everyone does in previous years.

Ronaldo has peeped Messi for both the Ballon De’Or and the FIFA award, and many understand the pain considering Messi won the double with Barca last year.

“It was a year that was magnificent at a personal level and a sporting level,” the 31-year-old Ronaldo. “Of course, I wish that they (Barcelona players) had been here tonight like in the other years. We have to respect the decision, and I won lot trophies, collective and individual, so I am proud.”

Ronaldo now, heading to the twilight of his career has transformed over the years from being a winger to a goal-scoring menace. His numbers are incredible coming out wide. You would have to look hard to get a better ambidextrous player in the world.

Messi, on the other hand, has grown with his team, and everything he does is for the team. With Neymar and Suarez as his partners, this has formed the most devastating trio in world soccer.