Richie Incognito arrested after making threats at funeral home
By admin - 2018-12-07 00:45:50

The odd and frightening behavior of Richie Incognito continues.

Police in Scottsdale, Arizona arrested the former NFL offensive lineman Tuesday on charges of disorderly conduct and making threats as he was making arrangements for his father’s funeral, TMZ reported. Incognito reportedly started yelling at some of the the funeral home employees, at one point telling them he had guns in his vehicle and “would shoot people.” Incognito also threatened to damage property at the funeral home. One witness alleged that Incognito made a gun shooting gesture at one of the employees. Police said Incognito did have guns in his vehicle, which were impounded after his arrest.

The bizarre scene marks Incognito’s second such incident this year. He was reportedly detained and made to undergo a mental evaluation in May after he was accused of throwing a dumbbell and tennis balls at a patron in a Boca Raton, Florida gym. Police reportedly said when they arrived, Incognito told them he was an NSA agent and he was being followed by government agents.

Perhaps known best for his role in the bullying scandal involving fellow Miami Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin in 2013, Incognito abruptly announced his retirement from the Buffalo Bills at the end of last season. But several months later in April, Incognito told the Bills he had a change of heart and was looking forward to reporting for the offseason program. Despite Incognito making the Pro Bowl in each of the last three seasons, he was cut by the Bills in May.