Ray Wilkins dies at 61
By admin - 2019-02-23 01:01:37

The Chelsea Football Club announced today that former midfielder Ray Wilkins suffered a heart attack last week and passed away this morning in Tooting at St. George’s Hospital.

Wilkins, who also served as a midfielder for other prominent English football clubs including Manchester United, Rangers, AC Milan, and QPR, made 84 appearances on the English football team and served as captain on 10 occasions. He won the FA Cup twice during his tenure; once with Manchester United in 1983 and on another occasion in 1989 with Rangers. Having a prolific non-athletic run as a TV/radio pundit, manager of QPR, Fulham, and the Jordan national team as well as a short tenure as assistant coach of the Chelsea FC, Wilkins was hailed as one of the most profound football figures of his time.

St. George’s Hospital also released a statement this morning on behalf of Wilkins’ family. Thanking the many goodwill messages received from colleagues and fans, the Wilkins family asked “…for privacy in this very difficult time”.

Having played for a total of 11 football clubs, but most prominently being associated with Chelsea, Wilkins served as a sports analyst for Sky Sports during the duration of his retirement, securing his status as a prominent figure in British football up for most of his life.

Manchester United, QPR, and PFA have also released statements attesting to Wilkins status as a legendary figure in British and worldwide footballing history