Pro golfer Jarrod Lyle ends leukemia treatment
By admin - 2019-01-11 04:59:36

The wife of Jarrod Lyle has announced the pro golfer’s decisiveness towards ending his cancer treatment, resulting in the transition into palliative care.

In an ongoing fight against acute myeloid leukemia, his wife Bri Lyles announced that the 36-year-old former PGA Tour golfer has been placed in palliative care in one final social media post on behalf of her blind husband.

“My heart breaks as I type this message,” Bri Lyle wrote on Facebook. “Earlier today Jarrod made the decision to stop active treatment and begin palliative care. He has given everything that he’s got to give, and his poor body cannot take anymore. We’ll be taking him closer to home in the next couple of days so he can finally leave the hospital.”

Lyle was first diagnosed with leukemia as a teenager, but overcame the disease to earn his PGA Tour card for the first time in 2007. Lyle won twice on the Tour in 2008 and competed in 253 world-ranked events in his playing career.

His cancer returned in 2012, but Lyle again beat the disease and returned to pro golf, where he competed in 42 tournaments, including 20 Tour events.

His last tournament was the Western Australia PGA Championship in May 2017, where he tied for 45th.

Lyle’s leukemia returned in 2017. He underwent a haploidentical transplant and stem cell therapy last December. However, in June, the Lyles announced that Jarrod had lost his vision unexpectedly.

Wife, Bri Lyle, said in a final Facebook post, “Jarrod knows he is loved, and the thousands of prayers and well wishes that have been sent his way have kept him going through some incredibly tough times.” She further added, “But he has reached his limit, and the docs have finally agreed that they can no longer strive for a positive outcome.