Pro-Gaming: The Future Of Competitive Sports
By Andrew Parker - March 26, 2022

The average pro-gamer earns around $5,000 monthly and over $60,000 a year. This amount can go up to millions with skills and experience. Gone were when older people looked to gaming as a fun, leisure activity with no earning prospects. Now, individuals choose pro-gaming as their career option. The industry’s growth rate proves its popularity isn’t waning off soon. A professional gamer works full-time as a video game player and participates in tournaments for cash rewards. When pro gamers compete, they are paid by sponsors or marketers, and they may also be part of a team of players who make money. Unlike those who work in the gaming industry as designers or game testers, professional gamers concentrate on playing games rather than producing them. Professional gamers spend many hours studying and practicing their chosen game until they have mastered it well enough to compete.

Most mix up professional gaming and streaming. Professional streamers use networks like YouTube and Twitch to promote their channels and develop their following. However, streamers make money by broadcasting games online and collecting ad revenue rather than earning money from sponsors or teams like experienced players.

So how does one become a professional gamer? The first step is to pick a game, platform, and genre. When you first start out as a professional gamer, you should focus on one game, platform, or genre. However, because there are so many games and places to play them, it’s difficult to master them all, so you’ll need to cut down your choices.

GettyImages/Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP

The next step is to practice consistently and observe other expert gamers and streams. Then, devote time to researching and trying game strategies to truly maximize your gaming. After that, you’ll need to network with other pro-gamers to get noticed. Meeting many like-minded people can help support you on your path to becoming a professional gamer.

Finally, pro-gaming requires high-quality gaming equipment. Invest in your instruments of the trade.