Picking The Right Seat
By Laura Lee - June 12, 2023

UFC is a thrilling sport to watch, and it’s much more so live. You must know where to sit if you plan to see a UFC event. Despite the enormous variety of arenas throughout the globe, each one has a similar seating layout. The size of the venues varies significantly. The lowest level is barely concentrated, and celebrities and other professional boxers frequently sit here. If you have a VIP pass, you can even obtain cage-side seats. The most terrific seats in the entire arena are those near the cage. Since no one is in the way of your view of the cage, you are the closest to the action. These tickets are, however, quite costly and difficult to find. They are frequently hosted by notable boxers, noteworthy visitors, or the relatives of those who are competing.

The ground level is set back more than the middle level. It is elevated so you can look over the shoulders of people in front of you. You will have a better view of the big screen and the fenced walls from this vantage point than you would from the ground level. Having a clear view of the large screen is crucial since the camera operators occasionally impede your line of sight. The intermediate level offers the advantages of both the bottom floor and the top tier. Even though you’re raised above the octagon, you may still be close to the action and get a better perspective.

The distance from the action is most significant on the upper deck. Additionally, these sections are the tallest in the arena. This area will provide the best view of the octagon because it is high above. If you sit in this area, you won’t have to bother with impediments like the camera operators or individuals in front of you. It will be more challenging to see the octagon and the competitors inside the cage from this far away part of the seats, though. Sitting in the top tier may cause you to focus more on the large screen than the actual event unless you have exceptional eyesight. Although this is the section’s drawback, it does make these chairs more reasonably priced.