Panthers fire GM Marty Hurney after another losing season
By admin - December 30, 2020

The Carolina Panthers have fired their GM for a second time on Monday. Here are the highlights:

  • Hurney’s contract was set to expire after the season.
  • “Marty is a little more traditional and I am probably a little more data-driven and analytical,” Panthers owner David Tepper said Monday in a videoconference call. “I think meshing those two things would be good. A little bit of fresh and refresh would be good. … Sometimes you need a change, and it’s that simple.”
  • The team will immediately begin a search for a new general manager.
  • The Carolina Panthers are the fifth team this season to fire their general manager, joining the Lions, Jaguars, Texans and Falcons.
  • “Collaboration doesn’t mean you don’t have arguments about who you are picking,” Tepper said. “(We want) a decision maker, somebody who is a good manager.”
  • The Panthers are 4-10 this season after starting 3-2.
  • Tepper said Carolina Coach Matt Rhule will have a role in finding a new general manager: “You look at successful organizations, and there’s a certain alignment between the head coach and the GM,” Tepper told the team’s website. “To think that you can do that without some sort of alignment is nuts. So to not have a head coach with some input into that is stupid. I don’t want to be stupid, OK?”