Petr Cech gives up on winning Premier League
By admin - 2017-03-04 22:31:26

Arsenal goalkeeper, Petr Cech, announced that the English Premier League is out of reach for the Gunners.

Arsenal lost three points to one to Liverpool on Saturday. Cech took the loss as an opportunity to comment on the lack of organization and defensive focus on the team. With the loss, Arsenal fell out of the top four in the league and now risks not being admitted into the Champions’ League. For Cech, they have already lost out on the English Premier title race. The Gunners trail league leading Chelsea by 13 points.

“With the three points we would have still been in the chase for the title, but now I think we are too far away,” said Cech. “I don’t think Chelsea will lose so many points, so now we need to concentrate on finishing as high as possible and qualifying for the Champions League.”

Cech spoke specifically of the Saturday loss in which the Gunners attempted to make a second half comeback but could not as Liverpool added on goals. Cech was disappointed with the way the team was organized defensively and their inability to execute their game plan.

“We had two weeks to prepare for the game. We knew they were fast on the counter-attack and that they like to press a lot, so we didn’t want to give them a chance to counter-attack,” said Cech. “We were not at the level we should have been at in the first half, and it’s difficult to say why.”