Paul Finebaum reacts to Jalen Hurts' comments
By admin - 2018-11-30 01:05:54

Jalen Hurts’ honest and transparent comments Saturday at Alabama’s media day have shaken the NCAA realm, increasing in news exponentially this week, pertaining to his treatment by coaches in the offseason.

On Saturday, Hurts displayed his frustrations without filter by stating, “This is a situation that is uncontrollable.”

Hurts told reporters, “Coaches can’t control this situation. They dictate who plays. But as far as variations to it, they don’t control it honestly. This whole spring ever since the game, they kind of wanted to let it play out. They kind of, I guess, didn’t think it was a thing or tried to let it die down like it wasn’t something there because it has always been the elephant in the room.”

The Alabama quarterback further added, “No one came up to me the whole spring, coaches included, no one asked me how I felt. No one asked me what was on my mind. No one asked me how I felt about the things that were going on. Nobody asked me what my future held.”

On Monday morning, Paul Finebaum commented on how this effect Hurts’ legacy on WJOX 94.5 FM.

“It depends on how it (Hurts’ career) ends,” Finebaum said. “If somehow Jalen ends up playing significant time and winning, then I think it will be a footnote in history, but if it doesn’t end well, it’s going to, unfortunately, stain what has otherwise been a really great career.”

Finebaum exhibited concerns towards the extent of effect and influence this will be for Saban and the program.

“The issue becomes, ‘Where does it go from here? … Is this a serious problem on Nick Saban’s football team, or is this just a young man who has for whatever reason in an awkward spot on the football field in the searing summer heat, let out his feelings?’”

Finebaum said Hurts sat down for a documentary the day before, and he did not express any of these feelings. When asked if this is uncharted territory for Alabama, Finebaum says it all depends on how Saban handles the situation.

“It comes down to whether there’s a crack. … Do any of us think Saban was happy? No, of course not. … It’s now a matter of how he deals with it externally and internally.”

Finebaum went on to say that even before Hurts’ comments Saturday that he thought Tua Tagovailoa would take the first snap against Louisville.