Olympics Likely to Open During Tokyo State of Emergency
By admin - July 8, 2021

Infections continue to rise over the past two months and reached a high that will likely put Tokyo back into a state of emergency, which will last throughout the Olympic games. With the Olympics happening right around the corner on July 23, it’ll be interesting to see what transpires. Here are the highlights:

  • IOC President Thomas Bach is scheduled to arrive in Tokyo on Thursday where he will self-isolate for a few days at the International Olympic Committee’s hotel.
  • A meeting regarding a ban on local fans for the Olympic games will take place on Friday with IOC, local organizers, and other groups.
  • Tokyo reported 920 new cases, which is skyrocketing from last Wednesday’s 714 cases. 
  • Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga met with key ministers to discuss virus guidelines and may institute a state of emergency in Tokyo until August 22. The Olympic games will end on August 8.
  • Suga didn’t go further into the report, but he said that he’ll do everything he can to prevent the spread from getting worse.
  • Just two weeks the IOC decided to let in local fans at 50% capacity of the arenas. With the rising infection rate, they may have to let only athletes, staff, and personnel into the stadium.
  • Dr. Shigeri Omi, a top government medical adviser further elaborates by saying that the infections are in an expansion state and everyone must be clear on the severity of this situation. 
  • With so much invested in the Olympics and because of the postponement from last year, the IOC is partially moving ahead to help them keep from losing too much income flow.