Olympic Champ Sunisa Lee Still Has College As Her Focus
By admin - July 30, 2021

Sunisa Lee delivered an amazing performance on the floor to win all-around gold for Team USA. She was the reigning world silver medalist in the all-around individual until this moment. Here are the highlights:

  • Once the gold medal was placed around her neck, her life in the public eye shifted forever. However, her plans are steadfast.
  • Even with winning the all-around women competition, she still has plans for Auburn in the fall.
  • Lee expects to be a part of the incoming freshman that reports to The Plains on August 11. College has always been in her plans after the Olympics. She said if things were to be on a pro-level, “it would have to be like something like really good.” 
  • Back then, it was a different story. Gymnastics had to pick between getting endorsements or college scholarships. Recent legislation just started allowing collegiate athletes to start profiting off their name and image. 
  • Lee welcomes the college environment to get away from the elite atmosphere competing on this level presents. She feels college will be a way better experience. 
  • Lee’s longtime coach Jess Graba and Auburn coach Jeff Graba are brothers. Jeff feels the transition for her will be easy. Also, he doesn’t see why she can’t do both. If time works out, she could make just as much money with balancing school and her newfound fame. 
  • It’ll definitely be a litmus test to see how things go in a typical non-revenue college sports setting.
  • While she hasn’t ruled out doing both collegiate and elite gymnastics, she wants her first year to be about classes, her roommate, and just enjoying life like a normal young adult.