Officials Say Olympics May Still be Canceled
By admin - April 15, 2021

Covid has really put a damper on things, especially when it comes to social gatherings. In this case, the ruling is still out of whether or not the Olympics will still go on as planned. Here are the highlights:

  • Two officials ruled that there are two possibilities that could happen regarding the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. One suggested that the games should be canceled while the other believed there should be no fans at all if they go on.
  • Toshihiro Nikai, the No.2 and secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party said if it was impossible to go on with the games, they need to be canceled. 
  • A surge in infections would leave the Olympics with no meaning.
  • Nikai said it’s important for the Olympics to be successful in Japan and they’ll have to prepare in case there are any issues.
  • Prime Minister Toshihide Suga said there’s no change in the government position on the Olympics. 
  • While Covid deaths have only reached 9,500 deaths (which is good by world standards), that’s still concerning for Asia. 
  • Not to mention, variants may still pose a threat and cases can explode. 
  • If the games do go on, it’s likely that only reporters, judges, and match officials will be the only other people allowed besides the athletes, coaches, and staff. 
  • It’ll be a significant loss of revenue because would make up $800 million. Of course, government entities would be footing most of the bill.