Noteworthy Managers Of Premier League
By Keith Donnelly - June 12, 2022

Suppose you go backward 25 years in the Premier League. One of the most surprising things is that several managers momentarily grew so huge and seemed so great, only to be nearly disregarded, if not derided. It reflects how challenging a truly consistent management career is and how difficult it is to select the Premier League’s most acceptable 25 in that time. Of course, winning the competition should prioritize, given how tough it is and how few have done so. Still, the division’s economic differences make actual management performance challenging to identify beyond those stand-out triumphs. Is it preferable to take a team from sixth to fourth place than to take a club from relegation danger to mid-table?

He was accountable for maybe the most fantastic escape in Premier League history with Fulham. It should not be forgotten that was a significant, partly understandable reason he obtained the position that remains the worst stain on his career: Liverpool. Hodgson was nowhere near that level, but the overall consistency of all his previous teams was well beyond that of so many other managers – and very few of them gave anything even like to what he accomplished at Craven Cottage.


Roy Evans achieved the remarkable accomplishment of getting Liverpool back on track after the departure of Graeme Souness while still playing some of the most attractive football the Premier League has ever seen. Carlo Ancelotti is the manager who maximized Chelsea’s money by generating possibly the most exciting of their title-winners. The highest-scoring team in Premier League history is no small achievement, considering how Roman Abramovich sought that type of football for so long. That makes Ancelotti’s dismissal all the more shocking.

Forget the recent controversy and remember that Arsene Wenger is still the guy who has won more Premier League championships than anybody else save Ferguson and Mourinho and is responsible for the competition’s only unbeaten season.