NHL Power Rankings 2022
By Keith Donnelly - April 27, 2022

It is about that time again to go over the NHL power rankings for the new year. Now, while this may upset a few fans this is based purely on performance rankings and competition. All of these teams have put in lots of hard work, energy, and time to be at the top of their game. This list also comes before the NHL draft which might stand to change a few things. While we do not have the time to go over the rankings of all thirty-two teams that are in the league we will be going over a notable few.

First, we have the Buffalo Bills, they have been identified as a Super Bowl contender with the various changes they have made to their 2022 lineup. It looks like these changes have been greatly in their favor as they have boosted their ranking. Coming up in second we have the Los Angeles Rams with huge deals for Matthew Stafford and Jalen Ramsey they have pushed themselves up in the ranks and allowed them to get to the Super Bowl. Then we have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the third position.  They have gotten most of their foundation back on track shooting them up in the ranks.

GettyImages/Andy Cross/Denver Post

In the fifth position we have the Los Angeles Chargers, they have bumped up their defense which was the only thing really holding this team back from competing at a very high level. They have added great names to their line up such as Khalil Mack, Sebastian Joseph-Day, and more. Up next we have the Green Bay Packers, they have unfortunately traded one of their best assets and this now puts the team in a difficult position. But these are just the pre-draft rankings and many things may change the rankings here.