NFL Podcasts to Enjoy
By Rebecca Rodriguez - July 18, 2022

You must be keeping up with the variety of NFL podcasts available if you want to be informed about what’s happening in the league. There is a podcast for everyone, covering topics including fantasy sports, betting, and in-depth analysis of the league and individuals. The podcast hosted by Bill Simmons deserves a special mention. His broadcast occasionally leans too much toward the NBA to qualify for the list. It would help if you listened to the following right away.

Bill Barnwell, one of the top NFL writers, is no pushover regarding his once-weekly Podcast, The Bill Barnwell Show. Barnwell dissects intriguing football-related data and analytics with a recurring cast of guests. For fans who want to study the game, the in-depth focus on play calling, playing style, and strategy is incredibly helpful. One of the popular fantasy sports podcasts is Fantasy Focus, which has a cast that changes frequently. A team led by Matthew Berry, Stephania Bell, and Field Yates always has the most recent data on NFL injuries and statistics. Sunday lineups should be planned appropriately.


Pardon My Take is an excellent podcast for NFL fans seeking a chuckle because it is both humorous and educational. This podcast is fun to listen to because of the chemistry between the hosts, Big Cat, and PFT commenter. Although the NBA and college football are briefly discussed in this Barstool Sports podcast, the NFL is the main subject. The Ringer NFL show is an entertaining podcast about the NFL that has just about everything you can think of. The Ringer program, which airs on five weekdays, has a changing cast of characters. With weekly fantasy coverage, insightful analysis, and a Friday betting program.

The Athletic Football Show, hosted by Robert Mays, is entertaining to listen to. Mays takes great pleasure in the finer details of the NFL, and listeners can sense his enthusiasm for the team. The podcast offers tremendous information daily because many Athletic NFL local and national reporters appear. The podcast is a fantastic addition.