NFL player rescues man from SUV crash
By admin - 2018-12-17 03:33:52

New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Loewen is being called a hero after puling a man from a vehicle that plummeted from the fourth story of a parking garage.

According to an ESPN report, Loewen was at a downtown New Orleans restaurant with his wife and son om Sunday when he rushed to the scene after the SUV hit the ground, landing upside down on its roof. Loewen, who was first person to respond, found a man pinned inside the vehicle. Loewen said other people quickly appeared at the accident site and helped him flip the car over, first onto its side, then all the way onto its tires. After another bystander crawled into the car to check on the man and unlatched a back door, Loewen said he pried the door open so they could speak to the man while waiting for emergency workers.

“It was life-changing, man,” said Loewen, a third-year player out of Arkansas listed at 6-foot-5, 275 pounds. “There’s not many moments that your heart pumps like that in your life. I’d say giving life, saving life, taking life or risking life are about the only time your heart’s gonna beat like that… just the feeling you get after something like that. I mean, I felt like I was in a movie. At the time, I had extreme confidence. I had no hesitation at all about what needed to be done. And it was just that kind of feeling and the adrenaline pumping. I mean, that’s life to the fullest right there. I felt like I was being led by God to go help that man.”

New Orleans police said in a statement that the man was expected to survive.