NFL Modifies Covid Protocols for Vaccinated Players
By admin - April 25, 2021

With contact sports such as football, it’s necessary to take the right precautions to ensure safety from the players to the staff. Getting vaccinated has been a priority to help stop the spread of sickness in the long term. Here are the highlights:

  • Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo with advice from medical and scientific experts that talked about modifying protocols for fully vaccinated NFL players and staff due to the reduced risk. 
  • Goodell says that vaccination is the single most important step for anyone to be protected and protect others.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals in the NFL no longer require testing every day but rather need one weekly test just to monitor things.
  • Additionally, they don’t need to have lengthy testing after entry from traveling. Also, they won’t need to quarantine if they do come into close contact with someone who may have been infected.
  • The NFL and NFLPA will monitor things as they come along and see if there are any modifications they can make if things go well. For now, fully vaccinated individuals and other tiered staff must continue to wear masks and follow other provisions to help ensure safety.
  • Goodell also made it a point for teams to educate themselves on the vaccine and also make it easier for clubs to get vaccinated with on-site programs for players, staff, and their families.
  • The NFL is taking it a step further by getting CVS health involved by them staging vaccination clinics at club facilities as well as arrange the vaccine to be near players and staff elsewhere.
  • They have medical experts on standby to help them gauge the efficacy of this new plan.