NFL Gets Into the Sports Betting World
By admin - April 16, 2021

NFL has always been wary of legal bets in their games. However, they’re starting to see the benefits of what this can become in the future. What they were reluctant to do for years, they’ve come to terms that this is the new wave. Here are the highlights:

  • The league is partnering with Caesars Entertainment, DraftKings, and FanDuel in a way that allows them to use NFL trademarks and league data also in an online format.
  • Renie Anderson, chief revenue officer, and executive vice president of NFL partnerships recognizes that the three partners understand the NFL’s vision and goals.
  • They’ll have an app to engage with their audience in a new way.
  • Caesars remains at the helm of the official casino sponsor of the league. They’ll create content and help engage across its legal online betting operations from different sportsbooks.
  • DraftKings is for daily fantasy sports-style betting. They’ll maintain a prominent presence for the NFL Red Zone.
  • FanDuel will have access to video footage from the league, which they’ll use pre-game integration in the regular season.
  • After New Jersey won a 2018 Supreme Court case to clear the way for legal sports betting, it’s only natural the NFL would make the best of the situation by partnering up with the dominant sports betting companies. 
  • All sports betting companies involved agree that this has the potential to create a more interactive experience for fans all across the board.