New Names On The NASCAR Hall Of Fame
By Keith Donnelly - May 21, 2022

Hearing that names are being added to the NASCAR Hall of Fame is always exciting for fans all around the world. There are many requirements that need to be met in order to have your name placed in the NASCAR Hall of Fame so this is quite an achievement for these drivers. Many fans get excited at the thought that one of the all-time favorite divers will be inducted into the NASCAR hall of fame. After many achievements, this is one that all drivers in NASCAR look to gain. These three amazing drivers make up NASCAR’s 13th hall of fame class. This great honor has been bestowed upon Matt Kenseth, Kirk Shelmerdine, and Hershel McGriff. 

These three men have truly earned their place in the hall of fame. Considering all of their achievements throughout their careers as NASCAR drivers, and the fact that in order for your name to go into the hall of fame there needs to be a vote cast. It is quite an outstanding achievement and this will be the legacy they will leave behind in the sport of NASCAR Racing. NASCAR is such an amazing sport and fans are so excited to see some of their favorite names in the sport being put into the hall of fame.

GettyImages/Bob Leverone/Getty Images Entertainment

This great honor comes with many looking into their achievements over the course of their careers and commending them on what they have done and brought to the sport of NASCAR Racing. Many are proud of the achievements of these three men in the racing world and cannot wait to see what more they will be adding to their legacies. These men were all some of the best competitors in the NASCAR Racing sport. Many are also waiting in anticipation to see who the next names are that will be inducted into the NASCAR hall of fame.