NCAA replaces RPI with new ranking system
By admin - 2018-08-23 08:40:47

The NCAA has created a new ranking system called the NCAA Evaluation Tool (NET) that will replace the RPI as the primary evaluation tool for teams under consideration for the NCAA tournament, it announced Tuesday.

According to an ESPN report, NET will go into effect immediately and will be used instead of RPI for the 2018-19 season. Game results, strength of schedule, game location, scoring margin, offensive and defensive efficiency and the quality of wins and losses are all criteria that NET will consider in formulating its rankings.

“What has been developed is a contemporary method of looking at teams analytically, using results-based and predictive metrics that will assist the Men’s Basketball Committee as it reviews games throughout the season,” Dan Gavitt, senior vice president of basketball for the NCAA, said in a news release. “While no perfect rankings exist, using the results of past tournaments will help ensure that the rankings are built on an objective source of truth.”

The RPI reportedly began in 1981 as a meas of helping to select and seed teams in the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament. NET rankings will be publicly availableĀ in late November or early December, and updated daily through Selection Sunday, and then again after the NCAA tournament.

NET was reportedly developed with input from the Division I men’s basketball committee, the National Association of Basketball Coaches, basketball analytics experts and Google Cloud Professional Services. The NCAA tested the model to predict the outcome of games.