NCAA Fails to Live Up to Gender Equity, Calls for Combined Final Four
By admin - August 8, 2021

In a scathing review, the NCAA hasn’t been upholding its promise of gender equality. They’ve been focusing on the Division 1 men’s basketball tournament because it’s the cash cow. Here are the highlights:

  • In response to the lack of diversity, the law firm that the NCAA hired wrote a 113-page letter recommending that the Final Four hold both the men’s and women’s tourney at the same site.
  • They’re also offering financial incentives to help schools improve their women’s basketball programs.
  • The report found that there’s been a lack of gender equity in regards to women’s basketball for student-athletes, coaches, and administrators.
  • Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman called the report a good starting point. She goes further to say that she doesn’t believe this will happen overnight because of the NCAA’s bureaucracy. However, she does believe it will spark “urgency about needed change.”
  • The disparities of this year’s tournaments were not the main culprit. Also, the financial deal for the NCAA and its member schools is part of the blame. 
  • Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP, the law firm that reviewed the NCAA’s progress regarding gender equity, found from sports media and marketing experts that the women’s tournament will be worth between $81 million and $112 million a year starting in 2025.
  • With the NCAA underestimating the growth in this category, Women’s Basketball Coaches Association executive director Danielle Donehew urges NCAA to revisit its broadcast right agreements. She said this is especially the case when it comes to business dealings with ESPN regarding women’s basketball.