NASCAR Goes Into the Future With Next Gen Car
By admin - May 5, 2021

The next generation is on the way and the buzz keeps getting bigger and bigger. This is going to revolutionize the stock car game. How’s this going to change the sport? Here are the highlights:

  • One of the first ways this will change things is with three areas: cost containment, competition, and manufacturer relevance.
  • The Next Gen car was proposed in 2018, and supposed to start this year but delayed to 2022 due to the pandemic. It’s a one-of-kind collaboration between NASCAR and partners to help create a car that’ll serve the entire industry.
  • NASCAR President Steve Phelps said the NASCAR world will look different once the Next Gen car is introduced on the track. The dynamics alone will be so drastic that’ll be a peek into the future.
  • Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota got to uncover their designs on Wednesday. This is the most significant change in stock car history since the present “Car of Tomorrow” was introduced in 2007.
  • Another significant change is the manufacturing process. For the first time in the history of NASCAR, single-source manufacturers will build the chassis, provide parts, and supply the carbon composite body but every individual manufacturer can design the shell to resemble Camaros, Mustangs, and different car models. 
  • It’s bringing a nice mix of what’s on streetcars as well as new technology to adapt to the changes in modern times. 
  • Additionally, there’s going to be a focus on hybrid features for the future. Mark Rushbrook, global director at Ford Performance Motorsports, believes that being able to race hybrid will be important as well.
  • Of course, the big test will be when these vehicles get on the track, but things are looking interesting thus far.