Narcisse announces transfer destination
By admin - 2018-12-28 07:00:02

Narcisse announced his decision to transfer from LSU after just over a year with the team during a recent interview.

The former LSU quarterback joined Jordy Culotta and T-Bob Hebert for their 104.5 FM ESPN Baton Rouge radio program Off The Bench on Wednesday on Wednesday and broke down his decision to leave Orgeron’s program.

“Last night was a real emotional night for me. LSU has always been my dream school. For the position that I am in, being able to leave my dream school to do what was best for me, it was a real emotional night for me,” Narcisse said.

“I just had to do what’s best for me and my future as far as showcasing my abilities. I just feel like I had to do it. It was the best thing for me to get a new start.”

During the interview, Narcisse indicated the Tigers only planned to use him in a situational role, which he felt did not utilize his abilities to the fullest nature.

“They did have some situations where they were going to utilize me and my abilities. But — for me personally, I felt and what I believe is that I am a quarterback,” Narcisse said. “I don’t want to just be labeled as a Wildcat guy or a guy who just comes in and runs on certain situations.

“So, we were just kind of on two different pages. They needed a guy who was ready now to play, and we were moving in different directions. I wish the Tigers nothing but the best this year. Coach O has always treated me like one of his sons and showed me respect, and he still supports me now that I’m not there.”

He was a highly rated recruit in Louisiana in 2017 but has not played in two years after missing his high school senior season with an injury and decided to redshirt last season.