MMA Fighting Styles
By Jade Kerr - September 24, 2022

Mixed Martial Art (MMA) is a sport based on grappling, striking, and ground fighting. Here are a few styles used in MMA. Muay Thai is a traditional martial art that originated in Thailand and is based on kicks and punches. It was developed hundreds of years ago and is still practiced today. It is a full-contact sport where athletes use their fists, elbows, knees, feet, heads, and bodies to strike each other. It is a great sport for beginners who want to defend themselves without using weapons. It is also good for people who want to improve their cardio fitness while learning self-defense. Kickboxing is a hybrid combat sport that combines boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling elements. It is often referred to as “kickboxing” or “Kung Fu.” It is a full-contact sport that uses strikes, throws, takedowns, and ground fighting techniques. It is a great way to build muscle mass and endurance.

Getty images/UFC/Chris Unger/ Contributor

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling-style martial art that focuses on throwing and locking opponents down. It is a great self-defense technique for those who don’t have access to weapons. BJJ is a sport that requires speed, flexibility, and coordination. It is a great combination of striking, grappling, and submission holds. Judo is a Japanese martial art that focuses on throws and joint locks. It is a great martial art for anyone looking to develop balance and timing. Judo is a sport that requires quick reflexes and high levels of concentration. It is a great game for children and adults alike.

Taekwondo is a martial art from Korea that emphasizes punching and kicking. It is a fantastic exercise regimen for anyone trying to get healthy and maintain their fitness level. It is a sport that calls for concentration, accuracy, and strength. Both men and women can get fantastic exercise from it. Brazilian martial art known as capoeira emphasizes acrobatics, footwork, and hand moves. It is a fantastic dance-like martial art that also includes movement and music. Agility, grace, and flexibility are necessary for capoeira. It is a fantastic exercise for both adults and kids.