MLB ponders its lack of Latino managers
By admin - 2016-08-14 14:20:01

MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, is decrying the lack of Latino managers in the game.

With the firing of Fredi Gonzales, who managed the Atlanta Braves for six years,, the MLB is without one Latino manager.

“The absence of a Latino manager is glaring,” said Manfred on Tuesday. “There are 30 jobs and there are 30 high-turnover jobs when you’re talking about field managers, and you’re going to have an ebb and flow in terms of diversity, given that there is no central authority sitting above the 30 clubs saying, look, we want to have this makeup among these employees.”

According to the 2015 MLB Racial and Gender Report Card, approximately 30 percent of players in the MLB in 2015 were Latinos.

Among 864 players on 2016 MLB Opening Day rosters, disabled and restricted lists, 82 were born in the Dominican Republic, 17 in Puerto Rico, 63 in Venezuela, and 23 in Cuba.

Venezuelan superstar, Miguel Cabrera, a two-time AL MVP and World Series Champion, reacted with surprise when delivered the news of the lack of Latino managers.

“How can it be possible?” asked Cabrera. “It appears strange to me that there are so many Latino players and not a single manager. Maybe something needs to be done in order to give them more opportunities.”

“I firmly believe that having as diverse a system as possible from top to bottom is beneficial to the industry, so not just on the field, off it as well,” said MLB union head, Tony Clark. “And to be in a position where we don’t have those that reflect our membership in positions of leadership is disappointing.”