Milwaukee Bucks Defend Grayson Allen's Foul
By Alexandra Wade - January 25, 2022
The defense guard of the Milwaukee Bucks, Grayson Allen, is facing hard criticism and severe fines after committing what many called a dangerous foul. The team has come to the defense of the player, saying they are in disagreement with the harshness of the punishment and the categorization of the foul.

Last week Friday Allen was issued a hard foul after the defense guard attempted to prevent the Chicago Bulls’ Alex Caruso from a layup in transition. Allen tried to block Caruso midair, following through with his other hand which resulted in pushing Caruso to the court. Caruso’s fall saw struggling to get up, clearly in pain. After examining Caruso, it was found that his wrist had been fractured.

Caruso will need surgery to repair the injury. The injury and consequent surgery will likely see the Bulls’ player off the court for the next 6-8 weeks while he recovers.

Allen received a flagrant-2 foul for the block and was removed from the court. The NBA said on Sunday that he will receive a one-game suspension for the “unnecessary and excessive contact” of the play.

“We disagree with the suspension,” the Bucks said in the statement. “We support Grayson and look forward to him rejoining our team for Friday’s game vs. New York.”

Allen has been known for his sometimes questionable plays, a history that can be seen even during his college days where he played for Duke. In 2017 Allen received a suspension after he seemed to intentionally trip an opposing player. This latest suspension was the third of Allen’s four-year professional career, but other run-ins have been documented if unpunished. Just last year, Allen was accused by Trae Young of intentionally trying to trip him during a game. Allen later mocked Young over the allegation.