Michael Page Gets The Win Against Lima, But Says He Has More To Prove
By Andrew Parker - October 3, 2021

At the Bellator MMA showdown in London, Michael “Venom” Page secured the win over his opponent Douglas Lima. The win was an act of redemption for Page who had gone down against Lima in their last match-up. However, the win wasn’t decisive enough for Page, who had everything to prove against Lima. Page called for a trilogy fight against the Brazilian Muay Thai expert. The fight ended up coming down to a split decision after three rounds which many felt didn’t live up to the hype, including Page.

It was Page’s match to lose, striking well and keep his opponent on his toes for the first two rounds – even managing to get his opponent to the floor multiple times through the round. But Lima also had a strong start proving he was still a formidable force, taking Page to the mat and keeping him there. Unfortunately for Lima, he wasn’t able to pin the writhing Page for long enough to do too much damage.

Page left the ring already hungry for saying that his eyes were firmly on the prize of the Bellator welterweight belt for which he would need to usurp current champion Yaroslav Amosov. Although he said he wasn’t against another match-up with Lima as he was unsatisfied with the win by decision.

“I’m probably going to push to just get this one back again,” Page said, speaking of his rivalry with Lima. “Why not? Let’s go longer. Because if by the end of the third, that had happened again, I’ve got two more rounds to find you and finish it properly.”

He added: “I won, but I didn’t get to prove what I wanted to prove, which is just make his eyes roll into the back of his head and not get back up, so I prefer to run it back.”