Michael Jordan and Adam Silver step in on Knicks debacle
By admin - 2017-02-13 22:17:33

Michael Jordan and Adam Silver have stepped in on the Charles Oakley and Jim Dolan beef.

In the wake of a black eye on the league and one of its flagship franchises, National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver and league icon and Charlotte Hornets owner, Michael Jordan, have lent their clout to solving yet another New York Knicks problem. Last week, Charles Oakley, a beloved Knick, was forcibly removed from Madison Square Garden. He caused a large physical altercation before he was arrested and subsequently bailed out of a New York City jail.

In the following days, both Oakley and New York Knicks owner, Jim Dolan, released conflicting accounts of what happened the night of his arrest. Silver invited the two men to the NBA offices in Olympic Tower in Manhattan on Monday. Michael Jordan telephoned into the proceedings. According to the league office, the meeting went well and the two men reconciled their differences. Dolan extended an apology to Oakley and invited him to attend a Knicks game as his guest in the future.

“It is beyond disheartening to see situations involving members of the NBA family like the one that occurred at Madison Square Garden this past week,” said Silver of the meeting between the four men. “In an effort to find a path forward, New York Knicks owner Jim Dolan, Charles Oakley and I met today at the league office, along with Michael Jordan, who participated by phone.