Manu Ginobili expected to re-sign with Spurs
By admin - 2016-08-14 14:20:24

San Antonio Spurs guard, Manu Ginobili, announced via his website that he would re-sign with the Spurs.

“The reality is that I feel more certain and I see it more clearly than last year,” expressed Ginobili. “The season went well for me and aside from the minor incident in February I remained healthy. I definitely want to keep enjoying basketball for a little while longer.”

The minor incident that Ginobili refers to is a testicular injury that he succumbed to in the latter part of the season. He had to miss 12 games as a result and undergo surgery.

Ginobili, a four time NBA champion and two time NBA All Star, has fallen victim of a myriad injuries over the last couple of seasons and has had his play questioned by pundits, but he still plays a major part in the San Antonio offense, providing playmaking from their bench.

Although Ginobili, a 14 year veteran and a free agent, did not specify that he would return to the Spurs as much as return to the NBA, it is believed that he would be welcomed by the franchise and he has never expressed any interest in leaving the team.

Ginobili signed a two year contract last summer but declined his player option for the 2016-17 season that was worth almost three million dollars.

Ginobili said that he would reveal further details on his personal free agent journey in an upcoming installment of his column for La Nacion, a newspaper in his native Argentina.