Lue laughs at whether he motivated the Cavs
By admin - 2019-02-18 06:21:59

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach, Tyronn Lue, said he did not have a motivational speech for his team.

Tyronn Lue laughed at reporters when they asked if he had been trying to use motivational tactics in order to prepare his Cavaliers team for the NBA Playoffs. Lue used a Mark Twain quote in the 2016 NBA Finals in which the Cavaliers fell behind the Golden State Warriors three games to one.

“Yeah, I kicked the trash can over, turned the table over, and yeah, that’s about it,” joked Lue.

The first playoff game for the Cavaliers will be played on Saturday against the Indiana Pacers, a team with which Cavs star, LeBron James, has a lengthy rivalry. The Cavaliers have faltered in the last month of the season and finished the season 22nd in the league in defensive efficiency. Instead of a motivational speech, Lue spoke to his team on a more practical level. The Cavaliers have eight of their top 11 players signed to multi-year deals. For Lue, there was no excuse for them to be selfish. They would be returning to the team next year regardless of their performance. The whole team should be free to simply focus on winning games and eventually a second NBA Championship in two years.

“You can average 100 points and 50 rebounds in the playoffs, and you’re still getting paid the same next year. None of y’all are free (agents),” Lue said Friday.