Light Heavyweight PFL
By Claire Miles - August 24, 2022

The first round of the PFL Playoffs begins on Friday, August 5, and will include the final four contests in the league’s lightweight and light heavyweight categories. If the tournament-style format of the PFL has taught fans and analysts alike anything, it is that anything can happen, and anyone can advance to the next round. The playoffs, which support the league’s “Win or Go Home” maxim, are comparable.

With an equal chance to win a seat in the 2022 PFL world championship and a $1 million grand prize, this year’s lightweight and light heavyweight semifinalists are a diverse group of former champions, seasoned pros, and rising stars. Therefore, it’s difficult to predict who will emerge from Friday night with their hands raised in victory. Although Anthony Pettis fell short in their first encounter, he acknowledged that he had a self-preservation mentality because he had already secured a playoff spot. “Showtime” pledged to go all-out and deliver a knockout victory in this crucial rematch. Given Pettis’ background, experience, and talent, it isn’t easy to see anything other than a victory.

Getty images/UFC/Jeff Bottari / Contributor

Omari Akhmedov versus Josh Silveria. Omari Akhmedov has been dominant this season, with two spectacular stoppage victories in the elimination round. Although Silveria is a gifted young athlete with a lot of potentials, Akhmedov can stop Silveria’s progress and advance to the global championships. Alexander Martinez and Olivier Aubin-Mercier are facing off. Olivier Aubin-Mercier, a former UFC fighter who joined PFL, has a perfect record. During this season’s elimination phase, he defeated Raush Manfio and Natan Schulte, the last two champions of the division. ‘The Canadian Gangster’ ought to be the sure bet in this semifinal contest since he has momentum on his side.

The PFL has widened its audience internationally over the past four seasons and is now available in more than 160 nations via the biggest broadcasters, including ESPN, RMC Sport, Fighting.DE, Torneos (via DirecTV), Sky, MBC Group in the Middle East and North Africa, Mola TV, and ESPN for Sub-Saharan Africa, to name a few.