Life Of An MMA Fighter
By Andrew Parker - August 16, 2022

MMA is a very intense sport that requires a large amount of dedication from its fighters; many may not be able to imagine what kind of life they lead. So here is some insight into the life of an MMA fighter. Like with any sport there is a lot of training that goes into it before we get to see a match and it is no different in MMA. Fighters may train for months on end before a big fight. Their training includes things like cardio, weight lifting, and of course sparing. Each fighter has their unique style of fighting so it is only logical that they also have their unique style of training.

Getty images/Tetra images/Mike Kemp

Most MMA fighters spend on average five days a week in the gym training and each day usually consists of four or more hours of training. It is hard work but many fighters find it rewarding especially when they win their fights. During the fighting season, it is normal for fighters to be put on a strike diet as they have to stay in shape but during their off time many fighters pig out on anything they want which normally results in a bit of weight gain because they usually don’t have to stick to their strict workout regime.

However, when it is time for them to step back into the octagon they can shed the weight very quickly and get back into top fighting form. Fighters also live a very busy lifestyle as they have to go to different cities and even countries for their fights. Fighters have to deal with regularly talking to the press when they want to challenge other fighters, announce a fight, and give insights leading up to a fight as well as after a fight. The press conference before a fight is very important because this is mostly how fighters promote not only their upcoming fight but also themselves.