Leeds Remains In The Drop Zone
By Claire Miles - May 29, 2022

This has been a very disappointing season for Leeds fans as they remain in the Drop Zone, this is the last place any team wants to be. Some believe that there is still time for them to pull out from this bottom rank with games ahead of them but with teams that have gained so much momentum while Leeds has been losing out on points at the bottom of the league. There just seems to be no way for them to recover from this. Fans may be sad to see this great team’s journey cut off so soon. But as things stand it is hard to see them coming back from this. 

We can only hope that they are taking in everything they have learned throughout this season to come back better for the next one. Fans can be sour that this embarrassing season has taught the team valuable lessons and that they will change out things that don’t seem to be working for them. Many attribute their position to a weak defense and a less than expressive attack. Many say that the team needs to go back and focus on fundamentals. 

This may not seem like groundbreaking advice but this may be what the team is lacking as they have great players but they lack leadership and direction.

GettyImages/Oli Scarff/AFP

Going back to basics may be a way to ground players so that they can focus on what they need to improve on. We should not write this team off as they do have a lot of potential to be seen, we just may not be able to see that on the field this season. That is not to say that things are hopeless for them, we can see that players are desperate for a win to bring back a fighting spirit.