LeBron says Cavs close to making championship run
By admin - 2017-04-18 12:07:10

LeBron James was confident in the level of play of his Cavaliers as he talked to reporters on Monday.

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Indiana Pacers 117-111 in Game Two of their first round series. The Cavs are up two games to none on the seven seeded Pacers, but both games have been close victories for LeBron, who scored 25 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and added seven assists on the night. Despite the close wins, LeBron believes the Cavs are close to putting it all together and making another championship run.

“We’re right there. We’re right there of what we know we can become, and we’ll figure it out. So, like I told you, I’d much rather have an 18-point lead than not have a lead at all. And we make plays down the stretch to win a ball game in the postseason, and that’s all you can ask for. But we’re right there on turning the switch on what we really can become,” said James. “Cause we’re playing some really, really good basketball. Even in, you know, the first two quarters, we build a lead, we didn’t close out the second quarter as well as we would like to and, but, we have a chance. We have a chance to do something we all have been wanting to do all season, and that’s to put together a four-quarter game. And I think we’re right there on the cusp of doing that.”