LeBron James Reinjures Ankle in Game Against Raptors
By admin - May 3, 2021

LeBron commented a few days ago that his ankle may never be 100% percent. He felt pretty good in his game against Sacramento Kings even though they lost 110-106. However, the injury last night against the Toronto Raptors definitely leaves a few thoughts in the air. Here are the highlights:

  • He made his return to the court on Friday after missing six weeks due to a high-ankle sprain, which resulted in sitting out for 20 games. 
  • However, the game with Toronto (which the Lakers lost by 7 points), had LeBron reinjure his ankle. The Lakers decided to sit him out with 6:42 remaining in the game.
  • Lakers coach Frank Vogel said that his ankle was battling some soreness so they decided not to bring him back on the floor.
  • They’re currently in wait-and-see mode to gauge if he can play in tonight’s game against Denver Nuggets.
  • However, LeBron is thinking about the long-term effect of his injury.
  • He may want to sit out a bit longer to help get his ankle back in full strength when it comes time for more important games down the road.
  • James stated that the priority for his ball club is that everyone is in great health and full strength on the court.