Lebron James Keeps Streak After Ankle Injury
By admin - March 23, 2021

Lebron James is the top-notch player of this era of basketball. However, he’s been plagued by certain injuries. He’s no stranger to injuries because he’s sprained both his right and left ankle early in his career. In the Los Angeles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks on March 20th, he suffered a high ankle sprain (which is much worse). Here are the highlights: 

  • Atlanta Hawks forward Solomon Hill dove for a loose ball and collided with James’ leg in the process.
  • As a result, James twisted his ankle inward to severely impact his high ankle.
  • Even though he was in pain and the Lakers called timeout, he still had the heart to carry on. 
  • He rolled out the court and was checked on briefly and they cleared him. 
  • He sunk a 3-point shot to help continue his 10-point streak going since 2007.
  • He called timeout to take himself off the court because he knew his ankle was badly sprained.
  • Sources say it all depends on how it heals but he’s definitely out for at least 3-5 weeks. 
  • James wrote in a tweet, “I’m hurt inside and out right now.” However, he’s determined to recover as soon as possible.