LeBron James downplays Cavs Warriors rivalry ahead of MLK matchup
By admin - 2017-01-15 22:09:39

LeBron James dismissed the Cavs Warriors rivalry before their rematch on Monday.

After a Christmas Day classic in which the Cleveland Cavaliers notched a comeback victory over the Golden State Warriors, complete with a Kyrie Irving game winner, the two teams will match up once again during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day slate of NBA games. Despite the two teams meeting in the last two NBA Finals and being the two best teams in the NBA, LeBron James does not consider their match up a rivalry.

“I don’t think we have a rival in our game today,” said  James said after a Sunday Cavs practice. “We’ve had two great Finals appearances the last two years, but I had the same with San Antonio when I was in Miami. We weren’t rivals. And I think I played those guys more, so I wouldn’t look at it as rivals.”

James insisted that the Monday game against the Warriors was only one more game on the 82 game schedule. He would only concede that it would be special walking into Oracle Arena after winning the NBA Finals Game Seven in his last appearance there.

“I think when you walk into the building, you’ll initially have some thoughts of it,” admitted James. “I think all of us will, no matter where you were at that time and place. If you’re at that arena, you’re just going to remember where you were back in June. But I’m in a different place right now than I was in June. It’s a different mindset. I’m in a different situation right now.”