Lebron: I had offers for MLB, NBA
By admin - February 15, 2021

Sounds crazy, right? Well, before Lebron James fully turned to basketball he was actually quite a good football player. He was named first-team all-state and led his team to the semi-finals when he was a junior in high school. Here are the highlights:

  • James was confident he could’ve made the NFL. In fact, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones invited him to try out in 2011, and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll sent him an invitation with a custom jersey. Even though he didn’t try out, he certainly considered it to the point where he adjusted his training and running routes.
  • James said that he would’ve tried out and made the team. Furthermore, he claimed, “I just know what I’m capable of on the football field. Especially at that age.”
  • Ultimately, he was talked out of this decision by his inner circle. Good thing because he went on to win 4 NBA championships, and make a name as one of the GOATS. 
  • He was recruited by great college football programs, such as Notre Dame. Even though he didn’t play college football, it wouldn’t be surprising that he could’ve been a future hall of famer due to his knack for the field at an early age. 
  • His football ability is a bit of a legend, especially since he didn’t play after his junior (he had an injury from playing basketball). 
  • He certainly had big-time opportunities. Can you imagine him playing for the Dallas Cowboys in his prime?
  • At age 36, James is just getting better. He’s getting into his pocket play prowess and has no intentions of slowing down in basketball. With 4 NBA titles under his belt, we’ll see what happens in the next few years.