Lebron 3-Pointer Helps Lakers Get Big-Time Win Over Warriors
By admin - May 21, 2021

With Lebron James on and off the court for the past couple of months due to his ankle injury, he really stepped it up in a pivotal game against the Golden State Warriors. He was already at a big first-half deficit and being poked in the eye late in the fourth quarter didn’t help either. However, he persevered for the win. Here are the highlights:

  • James made a long go-ahead 3-pointer to get the LA Lakers a much-needed 103-100 victory over the Warriors in a Western Conference play-in tourney game.
  • While James has been poked in the eye before, his vision this time had him seeing three rims and he shot at the middle one where he miraculously made the basket.
  • He finished with his sixth triple-double of the season. While his eye will be sore today, he was happy to get this major victory. 
  • He was poked in the eye by Draymond Green, but that didn’t stop his tenacity to the hoop when he scored the 3-pointer over Stephen Curry as the clock was winding down. 
  • Lakers coach Frank Vogel said that this score in addition to all the other amazing plays and feats proves why he’s the best player in the world. 
  • Even Stephen Curry said it was a great shot and he expected James to miss it. However, it all changed when it went in. James is an all-star player and all-star players make great shots.
  • Lebron said that while it wasn’t comfortable, “it was good to get that first playoff punch out of the way.” It’ll certainly prepare the team for what’s to come later in the playoff games.