Packers’ versatile offensive line keeps overcoming injuries
By admin - 2018-07-23 04:41:17

The Green Bay Packers are have a flexible offensive line because some of them are getting injuries and the team needs fresh legs out there to handle the games. Here are the highlights:

  • This type of activity on the versatile line is just a another day on the job when they protect their quarterback.
  • Packers coach Matt LaFleur said, “We’ve been able to roll a lot of guys in on the offensive line, started a lot of combinations.”
  • Even though that’s not always ideal, he said they still do a great job regardless.
  • They’ve had to adjust and the latest injury involving center Corey Linsley will mean they need to do so again for the game against the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Legacy is a big thing with Runyan’s father playing for the Eagles from 2000-08. Now, Runyan carry on tradition and says, “It’s one of those games that I’m excited to get the opportunity to play in.”
  • Versatility has been key to Green Bay’s staying power. He praised Elgton Jenkins and Billy Turner for the way they’ve stepped up.
  • He noted the value they have for being able to play multiple positions and excel at them.
  • While things have been a bit tricky for the Packers, the high-level play shows their resilience and knack for the game.