Kevin Love Reveals His Fitness Routine
By Alexandra Wade - December 23, 2021

Kevin Love has been on the court professionally for 13-years now. The NBA star says that the secret to his success and health on the basketball court is in no small part due to the intensive exercise routine that he takes part in. However, Love says that the secret to his longevity is not found in a gym, but rather in the natural world.

Love, now 33 years old, says that his hardest workouts are not done using weights or a treadmill but on a mountain bike while biking up the Sundance Mountain Resort, a mountain path found on Mount Timpanogos in Utah – the slope has an altitude of just over 8,250 feet.

“I summited Sundance in Utah on a bike, which a lot of the US National Ski Team does for cross-training,” Love told online publication Insider. “I did it for several offseasons, and it’s a way to really challenge yourself. At the same time, it’s low-impact cardio, where I’m not expending any sort of impact on my joints or knees.”

GettyImages/Rick Madonik/Toronto Star

The mountain bike route goes on for 25 miles and at its peak is high up that the air contains only 15% breathable oxygen, compared to the 20% that is found at sea level. The lack of oxygen makes the mountainous path even more difficult, making breathing harder and leading to exhaustion more quickly.

The many benefits of mountain biking include the same cardiovascular upsides of running as well as also increasing lower body strength. Furthermore, the core strength and balance need for staying upright on the bike provide a full-body workout.

Love also went into why mountain biking is his preferred cardio workout over running. The exercise is low-impact on joints and lessens the chance of critically injuring oneself – making it a perfect workout routine for athletes who need to ensure that they stay injury-free and ready for the court.