Just Who Is Conor McGregor?
By Andrew Parker - March 6, 2022

In the world of MMA, there are a number of heavy hitters. By this, we mean big names that have to achieve many knocks out titles and with that fame. But there is one name that will always come up in conversation. We are talking about none other than Mr. Conor McGregor himself. Now if you haven’t watched any of his matches or you are simply new to the world of MMA, you may not know much about him. But don’t worry, we are here to take a look into who Conor McGregor is. 

Let’s talk about the basics. Conor McGregor is a 33-year-old MMA fighter from Ireland. Conor began boxing at the tender age of 12. He began boxing to help him defend himself against bullies at school. But it wasn’t until 2007 when he was 18 that he made his debut in mixed martial arts as an amateur fighter. Conor won his first fight with a knockout in the first round. Little did many know that he would become world-famous for it. 

Once he made a name for himself in the world of MMA, he went on to win multiple great titles. So much so that he is a former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight and lightweight double-champion. But that’s not all. He is also former Cage Warriors featherweight and lightweight champion. With all these great titles to his name, Conor has also secured himself a huge following on Instagram. 

GettyImages/Chris Unger/UFC

Everyone knows MMA fighters know how to talk big and fight even bigger. Conor McGregor is well known for running his mouth or well trash-talking his appointments. So much so that he had one of the biggest fights with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. Although the fight has millions of views and there was definitely lots of trash talk between the two, Conor was unfortunately defeated.