JT Daniel's New Team
By Rebecca Rodriguez - March 30, 2023

JT Daniels, a former quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs, is reportedly moving to Rice. The 2022 Rice Owls had a 5-8 overall record and qualified for a bowl game. Daniels will attempt to secure Rice’s starting position. In 2023, the Owls play competitive games against Texas, Houston, and BYU. TJ McMahon, a Rice quarterback who played ten games for the Owls in 2022 and tossed 18 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions, will probably be Daniels’ main rival. Late in the season, Daniels was relieved of his starting quarterback duties for the West Virginia Mountaineers. West Virginia had a terrible season, finishing with a 5-7 record. Since he is more versatile and initiates West Virginia’s rushing attack, Garrett Greene was chosen to replace JT Daniels as the starter.

Depending on whether the NCAA grants Daniels an injury waiver, he will be eligible for one or two years at his new institution. For West Virginia this season, Daniels passed for 2,107 yards, 13 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. JT Daniels, a former quarterback for Georgia, possesses a powerful arm. In the first several months of 2022, Daniels moved from Georgia to West Virginia. The former five-star prospect accessed the transfer portal following Georgia’s victory in the January national championship.

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Following an oblique muscle strain diagnosis, Daniels missed a few games while a student at Georgia. After leaving USC in 2020, Daniels moved to Georgia. Injuries plagued him early in the season, and Stetson Bennett established himself as a quarterback capable of winning championships. He started many games for Georgia in 2020 and was anticipated to start the team’s 2021 campaign. At the beginning of the 2021 college football season, Stetson Bennett replaced Daniels as the starting quarterback of Georgia, where he concluded his career with an undefeated record. Daniels struggled with injuries for most of his college playing career and while attending the University of Georgia.

Daniels will lead the best recruiting class in school history in 2023. The skill bump they will bring will reflect the tougher competition Rice will face as they move from Conference USA to the American Athletic Conference the following season. Daniels has participated in the Big 12, Pac-12, and SEC, making the AAC his fourth conference overall. In 2023, Texas will welcome Rice. Daniels would begin his third career at Texas and a third different school if he were to be offered the opening at Rice.