Jon Reschke to leave Michigan State football
By admin - 2017-02-25 00:47:20

Senior linebacker, Jon Reschke, announced that he would leave Michigan State University.

Reschke sat out most of the 2016-17 season with a severe ankle injury. The senior is soon to graduate from MSU. He announced on Friday that he will seek a graduate transfer. According to a spokesperson, Reschke is no longer part of the football program. Offensive lineman, Thiyo Lukusa, also left the MSU football program, making Reschke the second starter to leave the program in the last month. According to Lukusa, he is quitting football altogether. Three other Spartans football players are suspended due to an alleged sexual assault.

“Over a month ago, in an argument and a brief moment of anger, I lost control of my emotions and made an insensitive and totally regrettable comment involving a former teammate. In so doing, I have hurt and offended countless number of people, and for that, I am deeply sorry. If I could take my comment back, I would do so in a second. I have addressed my teammates and coaches and while many understand my actions were totally uncharacteristic of who I am, the hurt still lingers. Therefore, after discussions with coach Dantonio and other members of the staff, we have mutually decided that I will complete my degree and seek the opportunity of a graduate transfer for my final year of football,” wrote Reschke in a statement. “To the entire Spartan Nation, to all of my teammates past and present, to coach Dantonio and the entire coaching staff, to all the trainers, managers and administrators — I offer my sincere apology and I thank you for the greatest four years of my life.”