Joachim Low says Schweinsteiger still had much to offer Man U
By admin - March 21, 2017

Germany head coach, Joachim Low, lauded midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Schweinsteiger became another in a trend of older European league stars who have moved to Major League Soccer in the United States of America. Schweinsteiger, 32 years of age, joined the Chicago Fire in a move that was confirmed on Tuesday by his former side Manchester United. Schweinsteiger moved to Manchester United in 2015 from Bayern Munich, where his play had made him a German international team fixture. He only made 18 appearances with United, however, as he was not favored by newly hired boss, Jose Mourinho. According to Low, although Schweinsteiger made a good decision to move to the MLS, he still had a lot to offer Man U.

“I chatted to him a few weeks ago and he told me that he tried everything and gave it his all,” said Low. “And, yes, there was a glimmer of hope for him at times, he played in a few games. But it appears that he had the feeling he was no longer part of Manchester United’s plans.”

Low expressed his disappointment that the Man U run for Schweinsteiger would end with him on the bench.

“His performances in training were very, very good. I’ve also been told from others,” Low said. “The team would have wished for him to help them on the pitch. And I believe that he could have still done that. I’ve seen a few United games, and a Bastian Schweinsteiger could have helped in a central role in midfield, organising the match. But the coach made a different decision. He has given it his all, but it wasn’t enough. Thus the transfer is a certainly a good decision.”