Jerry Jones says Romo to Redskins is a no go
By admin - 2017-03-05 13:48:40

Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, denied rumors that a three team trade was set to send Tony Romo to the Washington Redskins.

Jones, who also acts as the general manager for the Cowboys, expressed that he could not trade one of his favorite players, long time quarterback, and team leader to such a hated rival. Jones also expressed that he believed Romo would not sign with a team in the same division as the Cowboys should he be released.

“It is implied that we will work in the best way we can for the mutual interest of Tony and the Cowboys. That was just implied,” said Jones. “That’s important here. Now we’ve got to abide by every league rule. We can’t have agreements without it being within the boundaries of the NFL. But when you’ve got a situation like we got, we’ll do the do-right rule. That’s it. Very important. We do the do-right rule. We have that kind of relationship.”

Jones revealed that the Cowboys war room did not have any plan in mind that included Romo not being a backup to second year quarterback, Dak Prescott, next year.

“What I’m really saying is that I do not know how, what we will end up with – whether it will be a trade, whether it will be a release, whether it will be neither,” said Jones. “I do not know at this time. All scenarios have been well-considered and thought out. Now we’ve just got to see where the reality is.”