Jake Paul vs. Rahman Cancellation
By Marc Gordon - August 22, 2022

The decision to cancel Jake Paul’s boxing contest against Hasim Rahman Jr. has divided fans and Twitter users. According to a press statement from Paul’s promoter, Most Valuable Promotions, Paul trended on Twitter on July 29 after it was revealed that the social media star’s most recent PPV event at Madison Square Garden on August 6 had been postponed due to weight difficulties with Rahman. After hearing the news, some Twitter users made fun of Paul and posted their theories behind the fight’s cancellation.

Getty images/AFP/ CHANDAN KHANNA/ Contributor

While pointing out that the 31-year-old boxer had previously signed a contract and knew how much weight he needed to shed, several Twitter users praised Paul. They criticized Rahman for acting in an unprofessional manner. The cruiserweight limit of 200 pounds was anticipated for Paul and Rahman’s battle. Rahman, a natural heavyweight, had never competed at a weight lower than 211.75 pounds since turning professional in 2017. Because of this, according to Boxing Scene, the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) mandated that he undergo weekly weight checks. Rahman had not made the necessary weight loss progress this week, which prompted NYSAC to increase the contracted weight to 205 pounds.

But according to Paul’s promotion, Rahman said in later proposals that he would enter the official weigh-in at 215 pounds and would forfeit the fight if Paul didn’t accept those conditions. Someone who has behaved in such a cunning and dishonest way will not be rewarded by MVP or Jake Paul. The event on August 6 must thus be canceled, according to a statement from Most Valuable Promotions. Initially, Paul was scheduled to take on Fury on the same day. But when he attempted to fly from England for the opening press conference, CBS Sports reported that he was turned away from entry into the United States. Due to visa problems, Fury had to leave the fight.