ISIS is sending suicide squads to Mosul
By admin - 2016-11-03 22:50:37

ISIS is sending suicidal soldiers to defend its stronghold in a pending battle in Mosul.

According to CNN, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is sending “suicide squads” to Mosul in anticipation of a major battle there. Thousands of troops from enemy powers are en route to the city as well and it is reportedly part of an Iraqi government military campaign strategy to take Mosul in coming weeks.

It has been reported that approximately 100 thousand Iraqi official military forces began moving on Mosul on October 17. The mission of the campaign was to take the city out of the hands of ISIS. As the Iraqi official military troops moved closer to Mosul, they took smaller villages out of the control of ISIS along the way.

According to witnesses,  hundreds of new ISIS arrivals have been traveling from the ISIS controlled area of Raqqa, Syria to Mosul. These newly arriving soldiers, which have been bolstering the city over the last two days, are easily identifiable. Wearing unique uniforms, light weapons, and most distinctly, suicide belts, witnesses say that their aim may be to destroy the city and Iraqi government troops if they cannot keep control of the city.

It has also been reported that ISIS soldiers have been attaching explosives to bridges running across the Tigris river, which provide direct routes into the city. On top of suicide fighters and landmines, it is being reported that ISIS has equipped multiple vehicles with bombs.