Is the Tokyo Olympics a Failure or Success? Hard to Call
By admin - July 27, 2021

The Tokyo Olympics have been underway for 3 days and it’s still too early to tell if it’s successful. When it’s wrapped up in two weeks and the dust clears, everyone will have their own response towards it. Here are the highlights:

  • From the International Olympic Committee, the 11,000 athletes, the fans, and the Japanese public, they’ll have their own opinion of what transpires after the Olympic games. 
  • Of course, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga just wants to get through it because if the games go well, it’ll bring Japan an even better reputation pulling this off. In a pandemic year, it’s been difficult to have events of this magnitude. 
  • While there are still people against having the Olympics here, a half-dozen Japanese newspapers wanted to cover the games in a positive light. 
  • IOC is trying to stay away from politics and anything Covid related. Kit McConnell, IOC’s sports director, said the focus is on the field of play and these athletes right now. 
  • They’re trying to navigate the pandemic and still make sure sports are played and medal ceremonies happen. They know the Japanese public can deal with a few positive cases but canceling sporting events would make it hard to explain. If any cancellations occur, it would be a huge blow for the IOC, the public, and everyone else, says Kazuto Suzuki (a political scientist at Tokyo University). 
  • Suzuki also knows the gravity of the situation. Suga knows it’s a delicate time for politics so she’s opening with Japan successfully having the games and winning medals will bring back some high-level approval to her. Not to mention, the sponsors spending billions of dollars to ensure their products get out there to the people watching. 
  • Regardless of the pandemic or something else, the main talk about the Olympics comes down to the medals.